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Validating Your Course: The Secret Ingredient for Launch Triumph

June 30, 20234 min read

"Education is the most powerful weapon which you can use to change the world." - Nelson Mandela


Being in the Digital Marketing space for many years, I have seen heaps of creators launch courses that never really took off.

I also failed back in 2019 when I launched my first course for the exact reason this article is about. But in 2021 I succeeded because I applied the same 5 principles that I will be explaining.

Before I dive into the 5 principles it is also important to understand that this is not necessarily the only reason your course could fail.

5 Reasons Your Course Can Fail

This can be because of many different reasons, including:

  • Not building a the right audience, based on your ideal client

  • Failing to deliver on the promises,

  • Having too many traffic sources (yes this can be a thing),

  • Not having a proper marketing ecosystem including a sales funnel

  • Pricing your course wrong, or the most common mistake and the one this article is about, is not validating your course idea and demand.

The last thing anyone wants to do is spend hours upon hours building and creating a course, only to get hit with a bag of disappointment in the face because no one wants to buy it, or have the need for the information you so eagerly compiled.

The strategy is pre-selling your course or membership.

Not so long ago I had a membership for 16 months. It was really awesome for various reasons.

People from around the world came together on the Zoom calls every week to learn about digital marketing. It started with four Zoom calls a week and limited resources available. The founding members shared their struggles, pain points, desires, needs and more. I created content around them. The founding members were and still is the FOUNDATION of my business. And even though the membership has ended we are all still in touch and we have built a really great relationship over the years.

Pre-selling is most definitely the best strategy, let's break it down more:

1. Validating the demand for the knowledge you want to share:

The reason I started my membership is because there was a need for small businesses to learn digital marketing strategies. Especially for the business owners that could not afford high ticket consultations.

By pre-selling your course, it allows you to test the market and determine if there is sufficient demand for your course before investing significant time and resources into its creation. If you struggle to generate pre sales or in my case founding members, it may indicate that there isn't enough interest in your topic or that you need to refine your course or membership concept.

2. Reducing risk:

Pre-selling your course helps mitigate the risk associated with developing a course that may not find an audience. If there are no other courses out there on the topic that you want to teach, itt could be a sign that people are simply just not interested in that type of knowledge.

Also, by securing presales, you can generate revenue upfront, that you can offset the costs involved in creating and marketing the course. This approach allows you to minimise financial risk and ensure that your course will have an audience once it's completed.

3. Gathering feedback from members and refining your course:

When you presell a course, you have the opportunity to engage with your customers and gather valuable feedback.

The questions or issues they have is the perfect foundation to refine and improve the course content, structure, and delivery based on the needs and expectations of your members. Incorporating customer input during the development process can lead to a more effective and valuable course.

4. Building momentum and anticipation:

Preselling can generate buzz and create a sense of anticipation among potential customers. By offering presale, coupons, discounts or bonuses, you can incentivize early purchases and build a community around your course before it even launches.

This can help generate momentum and excitement, increasing the chances of a successful course launch. A great place to also gather all your members together is in a Facebook Group.

5. Establishing credibility and trust:

When people take the time to invest in a presale, they are showing they trust in your expertise and content. This early commitment can enhance your credibility as an instructor and build trust with your audience.

Preselling provides an opportunity to showcase your knowledge and expertise, which can attract more customers in the long run. Also ask for reviews when you establish credibility.


Never have false intentions when you sell your course. Be transparent and show integrity.

Clear communication goes a long way with your customers, especially when you are in the development stage. Also provide realistic timelines for completion. For a membership this will work differently, as generally membership content tends to evolve on a different level.

Fulfil your promises and deliver a high-quality course and you will have a successful course.

Unleash Your Marketing

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